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Monetary Policy – ECB and FED

ECB, FED and Central Bank Of Ireland How to measure money, The Monetary Base and central Banks balance sheet, Transmission Mechanisms of Monetary Policy, Monetay Policy Strategy and conduct, and Quantitative Easing. In 1913, US federal reserves had 2 mandates: … Continue reading

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Corporate Strategy Management

Pfizer corporate strategy – Setting up a social media strategy for Pfizer The new digital social media is becoming a paramount important to the pharmaceutical industry, the industry that has been criticised for being slow to begin the transition into … Continue reading

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Executive Finance – Business Valuation

The ability of firms to create value for their shareholders is related to the way they treat their customers, employees and community. Corporate Decision Making requires the following: 1- Capital Bufgeting Decision: Measure the NPV and IRR, if the NPV … Continue reading

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Long Term Financial Policies

Going public is a monumental decision for any company. It forever changes how a company goes about doing business. A public company has access to more, and often deeper, sources of capital than a private company. The actual process of … Continue reading

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Economics – Taxation

 The Irish Taxation System Benjamin Franklin once said “In this world nothing can be certain except death and taxes”. Ireland, like many other countries in the Euro zone, has implied a rigorous tax system. The Irish total tax revenues for … Continue reading

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Human Resources Management

How important is the HR department in corporations? HR role is not only to attract the best talents, its more about motivation and productivity. The 1st KPI for HR is to increase productivity and reduce employees Turnover (safet net, Employment … Continue reading

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Economy – Fiscal Policy

Analysed the debt development for Spain, Greece, Italy by performing debt sustainability analysis and checking the debt to GDP and deficit to GDP ratios. Set an economic reform strategy for revenues and expenditures and debt reform strategy by introducing the … Continue reading

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Quality Management – Health Care

If we are truly committed to Quality, almost any mechanism will work. If we are not, the most elegantly constructed of mechanisms will fail” – Avedis Donabedian According to the Institute of Medicine, quality is defined as the “degree to … Continue reading

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Corporate Strategy Implementation

The business model is the baseline for any strategy. A clear vision was behind the success of great companies: Vision on Nike in 1980 was “Crush adidas”, Vision of Sony after Hiroshima and Nagazaki was “Going to elevate the whole … Continue reading

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Finance – Working Capital Management

NWC= CA – CL Managing a working Capital incurs some cost. Having Cash sitting idle is a carrying cost. Its very important to match the Asset and Liability maturities Operation Cycle= Inventory Period+Accounts Receivable Period Cash Cycle= Operation Cycle – … Continue reading

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