From the engineering school, I learned that 1+1 is always equal to 2. From the business school, I learned that 1+1 could be equal to 2,3, 10 and sometimes 100.

I created this blog when I was doing my MBA in order to share my experience with business students and graduates covering the key projects I’ve done in digital marketing, international business management, corporate strategy, Economics, Accounting and executive finance. Then I started using this blog to share the technologies I am working on and the hobbies I am interested in.

About me:

Solution Architect specialized in 3G and 4G mobile networks, Cloud Orchestration, Mobile Payment and Erlang programming.

  • Database Skills: NoSQL(Cassandra), Graph(Neo4j)
  • Programming Skills: Erlang, Python, Nodejs, SML, R, Matlab
  • Networking Skills: TCP/IP, OSPF, MPLS, IS-IS, BGP, IPSec, VRRP and OpenFlow
  • Active member in TMforum, Hadoop, Erlang, Openstack and ETSI NFV


  • Basketball: I played basketball with UCD Marian team in the Dublin league for 2 seasons
  • Painting: I did 6 paintings, one of my paintings was presented in the school of Art in Dublin in 2016
  • Guitar: I studied Jazz music for one year in Paris and have composed 3 songs.
  • Ecological projects: Worked with the farmers of Colombia in the coffee and cacao plantation.

As for my education, I had a bachelor degree in engineering. In 2013, I dropped out from the business school after completing 80% of the MBA program and started enrolling myself in courses that interest me, so I completed the following:

  • Introduction to Aerospace Engineering – MIT (Grade 100%)
  • Computation Neuroscience – University Of Washington (Grade 94.1%)
  • Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs – University Of Maryland (Grade 95%)
  • Product Design – Delft (Grade 92%)
  • Prototyping and Design – University of Minnesota (Grade 91.9%)
  • Object Oriented Programming in Java – University Of California SD (Grade 92.5%)
  • DNA Genetic Code – Rice University (Grade 61%)

Personally, I don’t believe in boundaries and borders (mental and geographical), and open to anything except to Cigarettes that I am strongly against it.

P/S: For transparency, I am using Vincent Van Gogh Wheatfield with Crows painting as a background for my blog.


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