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Senior Technology Architect with 10 years of experience in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and Latin America.

Democratic Design Thinking

What I learned the most from Sweden was Perfection: the concept of perfection in designing and building products. In this article, I will share what I learned from IKEA and how we can bring these concepts to the software world … Continue reading

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Crypto Algorithms – Hashing, Encryption and Digital Signatures

In this article I will talk about crypto-algorithms (Symmetric and Asymmetric Algorithms) that are the basics for many applications such as Blockchain, Crypto-currencies and Mobile banking.  Starting by symmetric cryptography where a common key is used between the sender and … Continue reading

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Software Defined Network – What does it really mean?

In this article, I will present the software network architecture and will deep dive into the concept of virtual networks and the network hypervisor. Before we go there, let’s review some history or sequence of events that drove the evolution … Continue reading

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The data processing Evolution from Hadoop & Spark to Apache Storm

Unstructured and Distributed data sets are becoming a norm in the new data centric world. Petabytes of data are processed every single day in the world wide web. First, we need to convert these unstructured data with billions of transactions … Continue reading

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The CAP Theorem – Is it 100% Correct?

In the last 5 years, we’ve seen a proliferation of data far beyond expectations; these data are unstructured and distributed among multiple servers. For this new large and unstructured workload, it’s hard to come up with schema and to scale … Continue reading

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Cloud Security – Lock all the doors of your cloud architecture

Einstein once said that “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. This quote works for many cases in life but it doesn’t really work if you want to solve the … Continue reading

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Data Center Architecture

The architecture design of cloud data centers is an art by itself. It’s very similar to composing a new musical notation not only with melody, harmony and rhythm but also with the vision to scale for the notes used. When … Continue reading

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BIG DATA – what does the data say? Where did the data come from? What kind of analysis is used? Collecting and Analysing data before taking decisions is not a new discovery. Business Intelligence gave organizations a new dimension that … Continue reading

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5G – Unlimited Data Rates and Low Latency

When we started building 2.5G and 3G Networks, the aim was to provide voice, sms and some data services with accepted user experience and quality of service; The blended ARPU for Telcos was mainly generated from voice services. The technology … Continue reading

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Monetary Policy – ECB and FED

ECB, FED and Central Bank Of Ireland How to measure money, The Monetary Base and central Banks balance sheet, Transmission Mechanisms of Monetary Policy, Monetay Policy Strategy and conduct, and Quantitative Easing. In 1913, US federal reserves had 2 mandates: … Continue reading

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